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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding Day Shoes

Most brides spend weeks or even months trying to find the perfect wedding dress and accessories. Some brides even have their dresses made for them by a custom tailor. Most brides often forget their wedding shoes until the last minute, which is understandable considering all of the other things you have to do on your list. But ladies please don't forget your feet! Many mistakenly believe that no one will see their shoes. Not so! Exotic shoes can make great photo ops. Also remember that your shoes do not have to be white just like your dress, some of my favorite wedding photos have brides wearing hot pink or animal print shoes.
As you may consider custom wedding dress, the bride should also consider custom-made wedding shoes. Having your wedding shoes custom made for you means that you can choose your perfect heel height, material, style, such as feathers, pearls, crystals and flowers of any decoration.  Arbie Goodfellow is a custom shoe designer based out of Michigan. As you can see from the photos below she creates gorgeous shoes for weddings or any special occasion. My favorite little detail is the embellishments on the bottom.  Arbie handpicks all of her ribbons and embellishments during her travels through Europe.
I have selected some of my favorites from her website; however there are tons of shoes and other accessories. Please visit Arbie’s website at I hope you enjoy looking at these art pieces as much as I do.

A sexy red heel is gorgeous under a white dress.

Arbie can add these adorable embellishments to your heels

Classic white

I love this for a vintage inspired wedding

For the bride that loves bling

Pretty in pink...if you look closely you will see the butterflies

Super sassy

Beautiful for a bride or bridesmaid


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